In summer 2017 Peugeot, Afisha, Pioneer & Samsung launched VR Cinema Weeks 3008, the first international festival of short films in the format of virtual reality

It took place in the space of the Summer Pioneer Cinema Theatre located in Sokolniki Park (Moscow). 30 shows were held in an open-air VR cinema format. The Interactive Lab team provided the technical part of the project

The shows were broadcasted in Samsung Gear VR glasses and Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones. Thus, 40 guests watched 360-degree films in synchronous mode
The program featured four short films from France, Germany, the USA and Russia, which won numerous awards at international film festivals in the 360/VR category

The general partner of the festival was Peugeot, who presented its new car in our special cinema space. More than 1,500 guests of the festival and visitors of Sokolniki Park could check the Peugeot 3008 in detail, sit in the cabin, go through a unique test drive in VR format and sign up for a real test drive. The media partner of the project was as the key Russian lifestyle digital media
A special promo website was launched specifically for the project with full information about the festival and its four films, including exclusive interviews with its authors

Also on the project site, users could choose a convenient day, a session time, and receive a free email invitation, giving them the right to visit one of the festival shows for free

In addition, there we have created a detailed section and an interactive 360-space, which told about the advantages of the Peugeot 3008

We over-fulfilled all the KPI's, both online and offline
Also we created a bright, unique and progressive case: the first festival of short films in virtual reality VR Cinema Weeks 3008. This is what the marketing of the future looks like
Watch video about the festival


Ilya Tekhlikidi, creative producer
Artyom Atanesyan, project manager
Georgiy Molodtsov, festival director
Interactive Lab, technical partner
Samsung Mobile Russia, technical partner
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