POWER OF STORIES for MegaFon & Power of Wind
Huge digital-offline lifestyle campaign with popular Instagram influencers and unique video content

A non-standard special project at Sila Vetra ('Power of Wind') media in the format of an integrated digital-offline campaign in support of the new product 'Roaming, Goodbye!' by MegaFon

'Roaming, Goodbye!' allows you to use the Internet and calls on foreign trips at the usual home prices

The audience of the product is young millennial travellers who actively consume and generate content on social networks

Project Period: April-June 2019 (2 months)

In May 2019, during May holidays, we assembled a team of 6 popular Instagram bloggers that were relevant to the MegaFon spirit and went with them to the Sila Vetra yacht regatta. For a week, our heroes lived and traveled on a branded yacht of the project on the Aeolian Islands (Sicily), filming and uploading an exclusive photo and video content from a trip in their own private Instagram accounts using 'Roaming, Goodbye!' MegaFon product. Special GIF-stickers and hashtags of the project were natively integrated into these materials

Also, the production team of the project filmed everything that happens with the heroes on camera. Upon return, we assembled all the material and presented it in Moscow at the official after-party for the participants of the regatta, as well as on the project’s website and in the social networks of the heroes, Sila Vetra and MegaFon. The special video content of the project was 7 episodes (by the number of days of the regatta) of the series SILA STORIES ('Power of Stories'), filmed in the unusual genre of 'honest reality show for millennials, in a spectacular vertical stories format
Also during the project we released:

- a special branded travel kit, which we presented to the heroes of the project before the trip and played among the subscribers of Sila Vetra as part of the creative competition

- a series of posts released exclusively in MegaFon Instagram account in the format of travel notes of the heroes of the project

- a series of informative posts on yachting from Sila Vetra released exclusively on MegaFon Facebook account

Besides, MegaFon canceled roaming for all participants of the Sila Vetra regatta (more than 500 people), making it possible to use the product 'Roaming, Goodbye!' for free, without any restrictions
Watch the project website and storeseries: silavetra.com/silastories

2.5M unique users

6.6M project's content views

450% increase of target content views

Ilya Tekhlikidi, Creative Producer (Tekhlikidi Studio) 

Irina Muromskaya, Executive Producer (Power of Wind)

Ekaterina Goncharova, Head of Digital Marketing (MegaFon) 

Alyona Medvedeva, Digital Marketing Manager (MegaFon) 
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