Wide-scale digital campaign about the climate crisis
Web series with influencers & immersive soundtrack are included


To strengthen the target audience's perception of the climate crisis as real, man-made and solvable problem* 
*In Russian, the first letters of these 3 adjectives add up to the abbreviation of three 'R' — 'RRR' formula

 M/F 25-40 y.o. (progressive representatives of generation Y): 
- skeptics, have critical thinking
- active, open to changes
- consume smart social content; 
- cosmopolitan

#RRREACTION is the wide-scale digital campaign launched by Greenpeace Russia in 2020
The naming and content of the project reveals 'RRR' formula and encourages the audience to start responding to the climate crisis
We launched the project website and published exclusive content about the climate crisis during 7 months: 
- web series episodes
- interactive services 
- articles

The key element of the campaign was the 7-episode web series #RRREACTION that was created in collaboration with HHD Label & Projects
It was released on the project website and GP Russia social networks

All the episodes were voiced by famous Russian influencers relevant to the TA: 
- musician Ilya Lagutenko (Mumiy Troll)
- singer Monetochka
- film critic Anton Dolin
- stand-up comedian Andrei Beburishvili
- TV host Maria Ivakova
- actor Nikita Efremov
- actress Varvara Shmykova 
- actor Yura Borisov

In each episode we asked the audience a provocative question about the climate crisis and encouraged them to leave their reaction in social networks with #RRREACTION hashtag

Russian music producer Skela (HHD) has developed an original 7-song soundtrack, which was inspired by the general project concept and the specific topics of each episode 

VKontakte, one of the largest Russian social networks, has become the exclusive partner of the series
The popular digital lifestyle website Afisha Daily has become the official media partner of the project

All the largest progressive media in the country, relevant to the TA, wrote about the project: Afisha Daily, Lenta.ru, The Village, Snob, Srsly, Buro, Sobaka, Knife, Tsekh, etc
The episodes have received over 8M views, thousands of likes, comments & reactions

Ilya Tekhlikidi, Creative Producer (HHD Label & Projects) 
Vlad Dryamov, Motion Designer (HHD Label & Projects) 
Oleg Tokmakov, Video Editor (HHD Label & Projects) 
Skela, Sound Designer (HHD Label & Projects) 
Vasiliy Yablokov, Climate Departure Director (GP Russia) 
Polina Karkina, Climate Departure Coordinator (GP Russia) 
Olesya Vikulova, Media Producer (GP Russia) 
Sofia Feoktistova, SMM Director (GP Russia) 

Short-list of the International festival of creativity G8 2021
- Creative: Copywriting
- Music & Sound Design
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