Where do the limits of the possible end? And what is hidden behind them? In July 2017 digital lifestyle media Afisha Daily and Samsung presented a special project 'Afisha over the edge'

Task. To tell the audience about the new flagship products of the company — the edgeless smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8 + and other devices of the Galaxy ecosystem​​​​​​​
Solution. Interactive native special project on Afisha Daily containing video interviews with opinion-leaders relevant to the audience whose creativity goes far beyond the limits. They represent the following categories
Besides media and editorial banners, as well as native advertisements in Afisha’s social networks, we launched an exclusive feature on the first screen of the main page of Afisha Daily​​​​​​​
That we have integrated a project teaser to the most visible and most read section of the platform — 'Picture of the Day', which extended boundaries of how we typically use the website. It replaced the typical 'Picture of the Day' section for the first two weeks of the campaign
Fashion. Dilyara Minrakhmanova. A designer and co-founder of the 'Outlaw Moscow' fashion brand, a popular label for the leaders of media and fashionistas of the world​​​​​​​
Dance. Vladimir Varnava. A dancer, choreographer and winner of the Golden Mask Award, setting avant-garde contemporary stagings on the country's most important theater stages​​​​​​​
Filmaking. Rezo Gigineishvili. A director, screenwriter and film producer, whose last film won a number of prestigious festival awards, showing a new side of the creator’s talent
Music. Anton Maskeliade. An electronic musician, winner of the Kurekhin Prize and one of the first artists in the world who manipulate sounds by gestures
Technologies. Alexander Us. The co-founder and creative director of 'Sila Sveta', one of the best design studios in the world with offices in Moscow and Los Angeles
Cuisine. Georgiy Troyan. The chef of 'Severyane' restaurant, a graduate of the French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu and an aficianado of seasonal cuisine, who replaced the cooking range that restaurants typically use, with the long-forgotten Russian stove

We created conceptual interviews using photos and videos made with the help of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8 + about each of these heroes — their life and creativity over the edges. One could not think of a better to integrate the product into the content
All the interviews of this project were posted as separate partner material on Afisha Daily. The unique feature of the content was its interactive mechanics: the user personally asked questions to the heroes in the desired sequence​​​​​​​
We published interviews as interactive videos on the desktop version of Afisha Daily​​​​​​​
All of the interviews on the mobile version was interactive audio and photo experiences
In addition, all the interviews were backed by exclusive soundtracks created specially for our project​​​​​​​
The product block with key information about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8 + was integrated in each material
Result. Thanks to native content, topical heroes, the exclusive format of the announcement and unusual interactive mechanics, we have achieved a high level of user involvement. We have obtained unique native and interactive content, that is not typical for classic native projects that usually mimic preexisting platform formats and created a unique project that literally went over the edges of the usual advertising campaigns
Ilya Tekhlikidi, creative producer
Artyom Atanesyan, project manager
Dmitry Tereshchenkov, art director
Kirill Kotov, digital producer
Alexey Ukolov, sound producer
Oleg Tokmakov, director of photography
Bogdana Antipina, director’s assistant

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