Russian crypto creators made a NFT collection about the climate change

- to run a provocative digital art campaign about the climate crisis

The independent Russian ​HHD LABEL ​and audiovisual studio HHD PROJECTS​ present OIL DNA COLLECTION.
This NFT-collection consists of a series of eye-catching human DNA double helixes through which oil flows as a metaphor for the insidious addiction of human civilization on outdated energy sources.
‘We, as humans, let oil and other natural resources to get too close to us and become their prisoners. This can destroy the DNA of our civilization from the inside’
The collection includes 3 digital art objects. Each art pieceis a looped animated video made out of 5 unique assets that will never again be reproduced in the future.
The collection releases on March 12th on the project’s designer Vlad Dryamov’​s​ a​ccount​ on the international crypto art platform ​Rarible,​ created by a team of Russian developers.
Homo Sapiens is the dominating species on Earth. By the early 21st century it has subjugated the entire planet and it’s every other species.
As a result, our civilization, producing energy from natural resources (oil, coal and gas) solely for our own unrestrained consumption, has brought about a massive climate crisis soon capable of destroying all life on Earth.
And while the scientists continue to sound the alarms and the governments attempt to put in place regulations on restricting the amount of CO2 emissions, we urge crypto creators and internet users to pay attention to the issue of this climate crisis and spring into action:
1)​ to change our own consumerist lifestyle to one that is more sustainable, self-aware and ecological
2) ​to actively encourage the government and businesses to switch over to the Green Deal course of action
3)​​ to bring up this issue in the NFT-industry as the art of the future, as well as encourage the international crypto community to find ways to neutralize the carbon dioxide emissions from generating crypto currency and crypto art
Part of the profits from selling the collection goes to non-commercial organizations, dealing with ecological and climate change issues. 
This way the team hopes to have an effect on the dire climate situation as well as neutralize the CO2 emissions produced during the creation of this collection.


The collection is created in support of the ‘Homo Super’ music track by two Russian musicians: rap artist ​Labora ​and electronic musician Pixelord​.
The NFT-collection and the track come out on March, 12th as part of Labora’s brand new release — the first Russian ecorap album ​‘Earth, over!’.​
After acquiring one of the works in the NFT-collection the buyer gets high resolution videos along with exclusive audiomaterials — the deconstructed ‘Homo Super’ track (a sample pack).

- one of the most stylish & popular lifestyle media Afisha Daily has published an article about the collection
- the most influenced Russian music media The Flow has published an article about the album
- one piece of the collection was sold by the famous crypto art collector

Vlad Dryamov​— Russian crypto producer, 3D-designer. Collaborates with the HHD label and the audio-visual studio HHD PROJECTS
Pixelord​ a​ka ​A​lexey Devyanin​— Russian electronic musician, co-founder of the H​yperboloid Records ​label. Works with Husky, GONE.Fludd and other Russian artists
Labora​ a​ka​ I​lya Tekhlikidi​*​— Russian creative & crypto producer, electronic artist and rapper. Founder of the ​HHD ​LABEL and the audiovisual studio ​HHD PROJECTS*​*,​ making creative content-projects with various brands and non-commercial organizations
*​Labora is a rap artist, who experiments with his sound and style, raising important social issues in his lyrics. One example of his works is
the single and music video ‘Birdies’,​ released in 2020 as part of the WWF Russia project on protecting Far East cranes.
**​One of the studio’s works includes a series about climate crisis #RRREACTION,​ which was released by G​reenpeace Russia ​in 2020.
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