Unique hybrid place for stylish Moscow audience

1. To provide a strategy analysis for the upcoming premium hookah place
2. To generate a full creative brand platform

1. To launch not just another hookah bar, but a real community of hookah lovers

2. To help to create a new atmospheric place of power with a large number of activities built around the hookah culture — a hookah for all occasions

3. To attract and unite the current hookah lovers
and fashionable young & adult metropolitan audience in one strong community

4. To generate a ‘blue ocean’ — a unique brand positioning that will unite several existing niches and thus create a new niche free from direct competitors

A totally new place of power, relaxation and communication
An establishment of a new hybrid format:
- hookah bar
- lounge, cafe
- wine & spirit bar
- performance area
- play area
- lecture hall
Hookah is the key of our place
But it’s not a common hookah place
It’s something incredibly new
Munterra is a portal to the space where time flows differently
We invent, create a place for meetings, discoveries, games
Munterra. Bar. Music. Lounge
Munterra. Breathe out

Munterra is a place of 'meetings and discoveries' for progressive metropolitan youth 
It combines restaurant, lounge, city coffee shop, bar, nightclub and concert venue 
It's a space in which visitors are equally comfortable holding business meetings, romantic dates or friendly gatherings


Smart, adult, aesthetic, cozy, creative and friendly
With a touch of 'for our own people' (that’s how we form our community)
During the day our guests can work in a calm atmosphere
And come to a great parties in the evening

Munterra is a mix of calm & adult natural aesthetics (millennials’ style)
and fashionable digital avant-garde (zoomers’ style)
Its identity is easy to adjust for all activities and elements of our multi-format and multicultural spot
It corresponds to the brand values ​​and the unique location interior
Mun in Korean means 'portal', so the identity concept is based on arched forms

Munterra is housed in a two-story mansion dating back to 1870
There are 6 different locations within a single concept
Each locaiton has a complex architecture and is functionally different from the rest

Munterra app gives access to the loyalty program and allows to:
- book a table
- save and exchange loyalty points for branded goods and special offers
- follow the events
- find out the current menu of all categories
- leave a review about the visit
- get to know Munterra interiors and halls
- track the status and history of orders
- clarify contact information, get directions and call a taxi in two clicks

1. The most exciting hookah spot in Russia as a base of the new growing community

2. Organic PR in stylish lifestyle media:

3. Grand opening event with top headliners:
- musician Feduk
- stand-up artist Nurlan Saburov

Tigran Efremyan, Founder
Danabek Usenov, Creative Director
Ilya Tekhlikidi, Concept Creator
Artyom Atanesyan, Concept Strategist
Roma Khleb, Identity Designer & Copywriter
Alina Tsaunya, Interior Designer
and many other cool guys!

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