​​​​​​​Samsung & digital hi-tech media Ferra.ru asked 3 creative professionals to take part in the experiment: watch cult films about the future on an ultra-fine Samsung TV screen and, inspired by what they saw, create new works of art that reflect a personal vision of the future world
Print by Project Hero (Eldar Selimov, Illustrator)
Track by Project Hero (Viktor Isaev, Musician)
Watch the project: future.ferra.ru

Ilya Tekhlikidi (Creative Producer)

Anastasiya Krivosheeva (Project Manager)

Andrey Jivoy & Tatyana Jivaya (Video Producers)

Matvey Kuzin (Video Director & Screenwriter)

Dima Morgunov (Web Designer)

Eldar Selimov (Illustrator)

Vitya Isaev (Musician)
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