A colorful digital campaign for the international game environmental organisation

To attract volunteer organizers all over Russia to the largest Russian volunteer environmental tournament Clean Games 2020*
*Clean Games is a team competition to clean up natural areas from garbage and separate waste. An exciting game with prizes, where participants search for artifacts, solve environmental riddles, collect and separate garbage, getting points for it
  The players collect from ˜1 to ˜3 tons of garbage for each game. Some of it is sent for recycling

Environmental and youth organizations and communities, universities, municipalities, activists

#Housekeeper is a large-scale activation of the search for volunteer organizers in ˜20 Russian regions
We invite potential organizers to participate in the All-Russian ecological tournament of the Clean Games

Our Earth is our home: the whole planet and each separate region. But today this house is buried in rubbish
Clean Games is a simple and fun way to make your home (district, yard, park) clean, beautiful and comfortable for life
If the area is a home, then the people we are looking for our games are the main ones around that ‘house’. There are like ’housekeepers’ 
And therefore, we ask them to ‘go out': to go outside to make our common home cleaner

We created and produced a native integrated campaign with a lot of stuff
Identity & copyright for the all project content
A dynamic promo video as the key content of the campaign 
The voiceover is a famous Russian voice speaker Kuraj Bambey

Existing volunteer organizers of the brand went out into the streets of their cities    with posters on which a teaser copyright

We published campaign posts in all social networks: 
- key posts
- post with photos of the flashmob
- posts about current volunteer organizers
- posts with video (promo and tutorial) 


Target posts in VKontakte social network for the audience of relevant communities in the cities of that regions, where organizers were required 
Also we were working with relevant influencers to share the project content


126,706 target post views
70,900 views through partners
33,500 views of posts on the project's social networks
76 applies from potential partners



Ilya Tekhlikidi, Creative Producer, Screenwriter & Identity Designer 
Dmitry Ioffe, Campaign Director (Clean Games)
Pavel Rayn, Project Manager (Adventum Agency)
Kira Krutz, Creative Director (Adventum Agency)
Nikita Studilov, PR Manager (Clean Games)
Ilya Khvataev, SMM Manager (Clean Games)

Silver medal in Russian social ads festival AdFuture:
Nomination: Campaigns
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