The special promo campaign for the new social online platform of the Russian charitable foundation in support of people with Down Syndrome
To create the naming & identity of the new online platform by Syndrome of Love, where everyone can organize their own fundraising to help people with Down syndrome on the occasion of an important event for themselves. 
To create and generate the new platform promo campaign (videos & prints with heroes) that reveals the project idea and motivates audience to use the platform.

The Syndrome of Love Charitable Foundation invites everyone to 'turn the heart on'.
The symbol of the new platform is a sign depicting the 'turning' the heart of a person who is ready to do good deeds and help people with Down Syndrome.

In support of the platform, we ran a promo campaign called 'Turn the Heart on. Help unconditionally'. 
It's based on the idea of ​​helping people with Down syndrome from the heart constantly, without expecting an instant effect from help. 
This promo campaign is a continuation of the campaign launched by the Foundation in 2019, 'Love Anyone. Help unconditionally'.
We asked adults who had never interacted with children with Down syndrome to answer a few questions.
The project heroes Nana and Ruslan were first asked what they know about Down syndrome and how they imagine children with an extra chromosome.
After that they had the opportunity to communicate with children with Down syndrome — and we asked about their real impressions.
Besides videos, we created prints with the project heroes and the children with Down syndrome communicating with each others.
Prints were published online & offline to tell about the new project.

- noticeable project with a strong motivating message
- stylish promo campaign with sensitive videos & prints
- ~50 UGC fundraising events at the project platform

Ilya Tekhlikidi, Creative Producer 
Igor M. Namakonov, Creative Director
Tatiana Ryabova, Photographer
Ilya Kolesov, Director of Photography
Andrey Slyusar, Creative Director of 77 Experts Video Lab
Alexander '813' Goryachev, Musician and Sound designer
Nana Sindeeva, the Project Hero
Ruslan Medved, the Project Hero
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