A series of animated motion content dedicated to Green Course (Green Deal) strategy

- to create an inspiring edutainment content that will show an importance of green principles & technologies for preventing  climate change issues

 M/F 25-40 y.o. (progressive representatives of generation Y): 
- skeptics, have critical thinking
- active, open to changes
- consume smart social content; 
- cosmopolitan

An experess video 'course' - a series of 7 fast & short motion episodes for social media of GP Russia that reveal the key topics of the problem:
1. How will our life change if Russia switches to the Green Deal?
2. Why is the future of renewable energy sources?
3. What will green cities look like?
4. What is a circular economy and why is it important?
5. How is your food impacting the climate crisis?
6. How can sustainable forestry help address the climate crisis?
7. What is green finance and why is it beneficial for the economy of Russia and the world?

Ilya Tekhlikidi, Creative Producer & Screen Writer (HHD Label & Projects)
Vlad Dryamov, Motion Designer (HHD Label & Projects)
Skela, Sound Designer (HHD Label & Projects)
Polina Karkina, Climate Departure Coordinator (GP Russia) 
Vasiliy Yablokov, Climate Departure Director (GP Russia) 
Sofia Feoktistova, SMM Director (GP Russia) 
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