Exclusive presentation of the first electric luxury sedan EQS from Mercedes-EQ in Moscow


- To organize the presentation of the first car from Mercedes-EQ in Russia

- To create a set of brand presentation events to reach new audiences and build knowledge of the Mercedes-EQ
- To make a significant presentation of the car for the Russian audience after the world premiere, which significantly increased the degree of responsibility (challenge)

An exclusive presentation of the new EQS model from Mercedes-EQ took place in December 2021 at the Mosfilm film studio in the digital show format
As part of the program, the EQS holographic model “floated” in the air, and after that, a 1x1 projection materialized into a real car on stage
The set-up felt like a "portal" from which the EQS arrived - a guide to a new reality, to the world of the electric future of the Mercedes-EQ
The brand's audience has entered the era of progressive luxury, where the highest technology, comfort and care for the planet are intertwined
After the presentation, the guests could get acquainted with the new electric car on the stage, as well as take a photo against the backdrop of the scenery and in the AR photo zone with augmented reality
The presentation was also available live

Not limited to the closed premiere, we have created additional platforms to engage a larger audience and increase knowledge about the product and the Mercedes-EQ sub-brand
One of these tools was the creation of the EQHUB branded space with the EQS electric car exposition area in Smolensky Passage-2, where anyone could get acquainted with the new car and learn more about the subbrand
The space functioned for a month and was divided into several zones: a welcome zone with a hostess who talked about the exposition, a car with a product consultant, a bar with author's non-alcoholic cocktails, a zone with technological digital activations, a lounge zone and a space with educational lectures from Skolkovo
VOIC, interactive partner of the project, have created a concise version of the AR photo zone, which is based on an application for the iPad Pro that tracks the figure and movement of a person
Making movements with his hands, the guest of the photo zone launched a whirlwind of minimalistic particles in the style of the brand. The final video was sent to the guest's email or downloaded directly from QR

In addition to being used at the presentation of the new EQS, the stand worked autonomously for one month in the EQHUB
From December 25 to February 15, he took a course of lectures for teenagers from Mercedes-EQ and the Skolkovo Technopark
As part of the initiative, teenagers from 12 to 18 years old were immersed in the world of future technologies and innovations together with experts from Skolkovo. Lecture topics were related to the new EQS and its integration into modern reality
With the help of this set of events, we were able to reveal the manufacturability of the electric car, integrate modern technologies into the brand presentation, and also pay special attention to the topic of caring for the environment
The Russian premiere of the first electric sedan EQS from Mercedes-EQ has become a key event of the year for the brand

Ekaterina Yarygina, Managing Partner
Yulia Loskutnikova, CSD
Max Meshkov, Executive Producer 
Ilya Tekhlikidi, Creator
Kirill Terleev, Creator
Dmitry Khotsinskiy, Technical Director
Albina Zakieva, Show Director
Daria Firman, Show Producer
Ivan Yunitsky, Interactive Partner (VOIC)
and many other cool guys!
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