Futuristic animated video about the most important problem of humanity here & now

- to tell the scientific facts about the impact of the climate crisis on Russia
- to create content that will help GP to collect signatures on a petition to the Russian government, calling for real action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible

More than 60% of Russian territory is located in the permafrost zone. Due to the climate change, the permafrost is melting, so buildings and strategically important infrastructure in these areas are rapidly collapsing. In addition, aridity is increasing in most of Russia’s agricultural zone. Human health is being harmed by more frequent heatwaves and reduced air quality due to wildfires

 M/F 15-40 y.o. (progressive representatives of generation Y & Z): 
- skeptics, have critical thinking
- active, open to changes
- consume smart social content; 
- cosmopolitan

The Russian branch of Greenpeace, together with the Post Tribe & Crea Tribe studios and Creative Producer Ilya Tekhlikidi, released a special edutainment animated video about the climate change and its impact on Russia

The entire video was made with the effect of one take to fully immerse viewers in story
That feature helps to convey important, scientifically proven facts about the climate change inviting the audience for taking an action

Afisha Daily​​​​​​​

‘Together with the project team, we decided not to make one more standard popular science video. We are reaching out to Y and Z gens, who face the challenge of climate change, and to whom we ourselves belong. Therefore, we made a concept content that looks more like video art at night rave: futuristic, dark, disturbing, but stylish and mesmerizing’
Ilya Tekhlikidi


Popular trendy Russian media, relevant to the TA, wrote about the project: Afisha Daily, Snob, Sobaka
The video has received over 367k views in the key social networks: YoutTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte

Ilya Tekhlikidi, Creative Producer (TEKHLIKIDI) 
David Bentsene, Creative Director (Post Tribe / Crea Tribe) 
Darina Faizova, Creator (Post Tribe / Crea Tribe)
Kirill Terekhov, Motion Designer (Post Tribe / Crea Tribe) 
Petr Semkov, Motion Designer (Post Tribe / Crea Tribe) 
Arutyun Fargo, Musician & Sound Designer
Polina Karkina, Climate Departure Coordinator (GP Russia) 
Vasiliy Yablokov, Climate Departure Director (GP Russia) 
Sofia Feoktistova, SMM Director (GP Russia) 
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