Integrated digital campaign in support of rare birds in Russia
Charitable single, music video & AR mask

Hi! I am a creative producer, electronic musician and rapper
I'm very worried about we do with our planet
We burn fossil fuels and change the climate
We cut down forests and pollute water
We destroy flora and reduce fauna
There is not a single animal species that does not suffer from our activities
Birds are no exception
That's why I decided to participate in #BirdsRecords music project by WWF and to help their Far Eastern stork conservation project

Together with a team of caring like-minded people, we launched an integrated digital campaign in support of rare birds in Russia
The key element of the project is a special music single by my rap alter ego Labora
All profits from listening & downloading the single ‘fly’ to WWF Russia for a project to preserve bird habitats

Also we shot a cinematographic music video 
All profits from watching the video also go to WWF Russia
‘Birdies’ is a metaphorical story of a superhero of our time, who decided to defend the entire bird species
To do this, he challenges society and its insensitive urban environment with power lines deadly to birds
This is the path of the bird-man — the path of the winged samurai

Also we created an interactive AR mask that is available on the WWF Russia Instagram account
Put the characters of the single cover on your own face and tweet with pleasure! After all, we are all the little birdies inside
Take care of the birds!


The popular Russian music online media The Flow released material about the project

The main music editorial public community (more than 5M subscribers) of the popular Russian social network VKontakte spoke about the single ‘Birdies’ and included it in its playlist ‘Finds of the Week

The clip ‘Birdies’ was chosen by the VKontakte editors and released on the video showcase page. Currently the video has 373k views in VKontakte

Ilya Tekhlikidi, Musician & Creative Producer (HHD LABEL & PROJECTS) 
Oleg Tokmakov, Music Video Director (IKS IGREK)
Sega Efimenko, Music Video DoP (IKS IGREK)
Anybodyroo, AR Mask Creator & Birdies Animator (Fluc 28) 
Jenya Karpova, AR Mask Creator (Fluc 28) 
Danya Tsytkin, AR Mask Creator
Kristina Lugovenko, Brand Manager (WWF Russia) 
Bella Yanibekova, PR Director (WWF Russia) 
Chingis Balbarov, SMM Editor (WWF Russia)

Short-list of the International festival of creativity G8 2021
- Integrated Campaigns
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