The integrated online campaign for a popular Russian automotive marketplace
The Award case video by HHD PROJECTS

1. To help BRIGHT Agency to provide an annual professional Autodealer Awards 2021 for Avito Auto in the new pandemic reality 
2. To involve the key Russian autodealers to take part in the Award
3. To make the Award teaser videos for gathering the audience and expanding the current client base

The integrated digital campaign with:
- the new Award identity
- special teaser videos 
- the Award stream event (the new digital format of the project)

For the first time during several years of the Award, its identity and website were updated
The new logo & patterns revealed a new digital format of the project
The identity was created by Ilya Tekhlikidi & his audiovisual studio HHD PROJECTS


3 teasers about the life of the car dealer Andrey on self-isolation
In these chronicles, our car dealer misses his beloved job: opens a new car showroom, repairs a car in a service, sells a car to his only clients (fluffy toys)
The teasers were created by Oleg Tokmakov, Ilya Tekhlikidi & HHD PROJECTS 

Teaser facts:
- The scripts were written without any client’s edits
- The videos were shot during only one week filmed by project director himself, he was also in the lead role 
(Thus we solved the problem of ensuring antiviral security)
- We created a unique sound design  for all the videos and the Award stream 


The final part of the entire campaign was the online event by BRIGHT Agency 
It was one of the first event during new quarantine regulations in Russia
A motion design identity for the Award stream was made by HHD PROJECTS
The Award opening packshot
One of the nominations' opening packshots
Broadcast event promo by RBC TV-channel


26,000 users watched the advertising project campaign in social networks
98% retention of unique broadcast event users
41 cases with Award certificates and souvenirs were distributed to the winner


Oksana Pshonko, Project co-Director (BRIGHT Agency) 
Tatyana Devyatova, Project co-Director (BRIGHT Agency) 
Ravshanna Salikhova, the Award stream Director
Ilya Tekhlikidi, Creative Producer (HHD PROJECTS) 
Oleg Tokmakov, Video Director (HHD PROJECTS)
Vlad Dryamov, Motion Designer (HHD PROJECTS)
Alexey Ukolov, Sound Designer (HHD PROJECTS)
Alexander Mogatyr, Identity Designer

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